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I'm from a very tiny town (~500 people) in Michigan where my family has a small flock of sheep (one of which is pictured below with her lambs from April 2021!). I don't have the COT–CAUGHT merger and I have a mild case of Northern Cities vowels.

My Erdős–Bacon number is 7 (kinda). My Erdős number is 4 due to luck and the prolificness of others who are not me. My Bacon number is 3  if you count a home movie my older cousins produced with me, my sister, and our other cousins around our age when we were middle schoolers [it's been seen by maybe 10 people, but it has credits and sound effects, etc., so I think it should count!], because one of those cousins was an extra in the film White Noise (2022), which includes Bill Camp in its cast, who has a Bacon number of 1. 

Interests of mine include Appalachian English, Brazilian music, coffee, cooking, flute (playing and listening to), geography, Kate Bush, language variation and change, LGBT linguistics, math education (and how linguistics might be helpful for it!), singing, sleeping, trains and railroad history (my first job was here)

I also have a linguistically interesting set of data from English that has unfortunately been too embarrassing to formally write about yet, but you should ask me about it if you're not a square! 

My husband Gustavo is from Brazil, which I have sadly only visited once, but he studied in Portugal for four years so I have been there many times. A cool fact about Long Island is that there is a large Portuguese diaspora here in and around Farmingville, and there are also quite a few Brazilians on the eastern end of the island.

I am proudly a member of the Graduate Student Employees Union (GSEU) at SBU!

My favorite website is either crouton.net or https://orteil.dashnet.org/cookieclicker/.  

A large sheep standing with her two lambs in a pen on a straw-covered floor.